Thymus – the Heart gland


Springer O. (1995.) – The chest gland or the Thymus is located in the chest cavitiy, above the trachea, near the Heart, below the chest bone and lower than the thyroid. This is one of the most largest glands during the period of growth, but due to activity of the sexual, steroid hormons, it reduces itself gradually after the puberty.

How is it possible that a large gland, which is in the centre of the body, disappears?

The gland Thymus "doesn't exist".
One can't have knowledge of something that "doesn't exist".

Thymus decays – it disappears at the beginning of puberty or even sooner.
That is the reason why there is no knowledge on how would a human look like and function if he would have an active, live Thymus.
Nobody has a PhD nor MA on the subject of Thymus because that knowledge can't be extracted with the analysis of the 3D spectre of knowledge.

The nature of the Thymus is entirely energetic, and for that reason the Thymus is susceptible to energy manipulation.

Also, atrophied Thymus is the cause for inactive energy head centers.
The chemical role of produced hormons and antibodies is the only existing knowledge of the Thymus.
In theory, it is known that the pineal gland, as the initial conductor of the body, is located in the center of the head.
Thymus, which disappears, is also in the center of the body – right next to the Heart.
In accordance to information stated it is more important than the pineal gland.

Method One talks about Superimunity.
Method One talks about the supergland Thymus.
Present – day knowledge of the Thymus is actually ignorance.
There is so much talk about antibodies and the defence role of the Thymus, while at the same time cold and rhinitis infects people…